Set a Running Goal for One of These Phoenix-Area Races

No matter your current stage as a runner—whether you have just “gotten off the couch” or have been consistently hitting the trails on your own for a while now—we feel it’s well worth trying at least one running event. We have a few good reasons for this: It sets a...

Tips for Choosing the Right Running Shoes

Choosing to run is an extremely worthy pursuit, and choosing running shoes is one of the first factors any beginner must consider. Let us tell you right now: even if you’re just “testing the waters” with running for the time being, getting out there in just any old...

Tips for Running in the Heat of Summer

Summer is just around the corner. And, if you live in Arizona, then you already know what that means – four months of triple-digit temperatures! Now, some of you may already be planning on starting (or continuing) your running routine in a climate-controlled gym...

What You Need to Know About Total Ankle Replacement

For as much work as our ankles put in every day, it’s easy to take them for granted. Every time we walk, run, and even just stand around, they are putting a great amount of effort to keep us moving and balanced. When you get down to it, it’s actually nice when we...

Why You Need a Foot Check

Do you schedule regular dental checkups? We certainly hope so! Taking care of your teeth prevents diseases and can stop a small cavity from developing into a full-blown root canal.   No, we aren’t dentists. So let’s turn our attention to the other end of your body –...

Why Choosing a Podiatrist Matters

If you have diabetes, treatment for your feet should be absolutely preventative. The goal needs to be taking proper care of your feet now to help prevent very dangerous problems and consequences in the future. At Foot & Ankle Clinics of Arizona, we are committed...

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